SoBuy 2021 product catalog

Ideal piece of furniture for your entrance area

It can put 2 to 3 pairs of shoes neatly on the lower shelf of the entrance bench. When wearing shoes, simply sit on the stuffed cushion.

Whether in the bathroom, in the hall or in the bedroom, a seat is always a great advantage.

Home accessories with a versatile soul

Would you like to easily transport your dishes from the kitchen to the dining room? Are you looking for a snack trolley to keep in your room? Or, more simply, do you need a functional trolley for the bathroom?

The possible uses for the various stylish bathroom furniture are almost limitless

Not only can you store the cleaning products you need in the top door compartment, but you can also use the open shelves sensibly. They are perfect for important bathroom items like towels and toilet paper that should be on hand.

They personalize the living room or kitchen, highlighting the aesthetic qualities of the room

The tables are, together with the chairs, the most essential pieces of furniture in every home. They can allow you to embellish a dining area or living room by combining aesthetic value with functionality and ergonomics.

Create a flexible work environment in the office or at home.

Design your home office with the study table to work from the comfort of home.

Students with little storage space or people working in the home office benefit from this feature. The modern look is also perfect in the youth room.

modern coffee tables for entrance and living room

Create a feel-good atmosphere in your living area with the modern coffee table.

The practical storage table always keeps drinks and snacks close at hand, so you can lie down comfortably on the sofa when you're hungry. There it also offers storage space at a comfortable height for laptops, magazines and more.

Style and utility find their perfect meeting point in these design shelves.

Whether it is a large room or its relaxation corner, regardless of the style of the other furniture in the house, it finds the right adaptation and will make your way of furnishing less tiring and more joyful.

Its garden can become a real corner of elegance and comfort with little effort.

The summer can be, even more, studded with dream moments, giving your garden set this elegant and comfortable outdoor swing.

Are you looking to create an attraction in your hall or living room?

Strengthen its interior furnishings with the simple and functional console.

Which elegantly fits into the hallway or living room or hall and gives any room a modern look.

Great decoration for children's rooms or kindergarten

The perfect preschool gift or birthday present for kids.

you can use as a small playhouse.Or also as a special play area or reading corner, rest corner.